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The label "Black2Production" was launched in 2006 by Michael Wenzel from Berlin. The whole label name is "Black2Production & AHBeats Wenzel". In the nineties Michael W. (alias DaSoul) started to make music. With the years he experimented with some programs like FL Studio, Sony Acid Music Studio, Samplitude & Audition. With the help of a sound engineer the studio was converted into a better working place so the audio recordings became more and more professional. Together with several artists like dalord, j-walker, kabby, aska, catch22, k-lyric and Ilayo he produced some nice rap and hiphop songs. Michael W. (alias DaSoul) makes his beats, writes lyrics, mixes his sounds, makes the mastering of his music, takes care of the sales, the advertising and a lot more. He likes to experiment with different genres to find new sounds. There will come many other musical creations in the future. At you can visit his online music distribution:
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Black2Production & AHBeats Wenzel
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