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Blank Face/Age 24/Brooklyn,NY Born and raised, hailing from the streets of New York, Brooklyn''''''''s very own, Blank Face. An educated, artistic, creative individual with a sharp tongue for details and verbal expression through a pen. When he raps, the brush begins to paint strokes of visions for the listener''''''''s, where they view mentally what he is painting. His incredible word display would leave Einstein puzzled for weeks trying to decode his lines and break them down to discover the true meaning behind them. He carries a 90''''''''s dark, gritty flow, with lyrics that are thought provoking and pierce through your heart. Like every artist of course he''''''''s been through enough to make him channel all his views and thoughts into a catalogue of music to distribute to the world. From spitting facts, to discussing his pain and depression, substance abuse and addiction, relationships and narcotics, he has just about seen it all.

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