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Growing up in the late 1980’s, the South Californian inner-city environment tested Boss Yung’s strength from the very start. At age 13, when the lights permanently left the single parent home he was raised in, he hit the street with an abandon for the future, but with a love of money. The older guys soon showed him that he came to right place, and Boss Yung soon began selling drugs and living street life to it’s fullest. He lived at the epicenter of the content rapped about in all the hip-hop he was hearing, and the impressions stuck. ? Too young for the heavy crimes, Boss Yung got locked up, but was released at the age of 18. The situation waiting for him on the outside was bleak, and street life was all he could see. While immediately back into slinging drugs, Boss Yung found his interest in making music to be his main focal point. Soon enough, life struck again, but in a positive way, with the birth of his first child. Boss Yung pulled it together and made an effort to live a straight life. After the run of trials and tribulations, he found himself always falling back to the thing that kept him going for so long, making music.

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