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BOSS LADYT INDEPENDENT RECORDING ARTIST Boss LadyT hasn’t been on the independent scene for long, but she jumped in and quickly made a splash. Between her bold lyrics and unforgiving attitude on the track, being crowned “Queen of the South” in the Mississippi Queen Of The South Showcase and receiving the opportunity to open up for 42 Dugg. LadyT has a lot of potential to do big things in the music industry. Born Tiffany Lashunta Monique Harris in Jackson, Mississippi. The independent artist had a rough upbringing. The grind she has behind her music is more than just some clout or some fame. It’s beating the odds and creating a life she didn’t have growing up, for her kids. The start of Boss LadyT’s independent career came only months ago during the height of Covid 19 and in the midst of a divorce. Dealing with just one of those things alone could have easily deterred her, but it didn’t, it inspired her. She started recording her first tape “Bossy” July 9th in her neighbors in home studio. After booking a few more legit sessions, she was addicted to making music and the freedom of expressing herself on the beat. Now at first listen to a Boss LadyT track, you may be taken back by her vulgarity or blunt punch lines, but really the only difference between a Boss LadyT track and a track made by any of her influences like David Banner, UGK, Gangsta Boo or even Lil Wayne, is simply that she’s a female. And instead of talking about “bee’s and hoe’s”, she’s speaking on men. Same Music on Itunes Written By: ChelseyAreal language, same concept just coming from LadyT’s perspective.

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