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Abel Cuevas also known as “Bony” was born and raised in the Bronx. At the age of 10 his parents decided to move back to the Dominican Republic to start up a business and in hopes of a better life. As Bony settled in his new environment, he began to learn more of his culture, his surroundings and everything that the Dominican Republic had to offer. Bony spent the next 3 years living in the Capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. Already fluent in the English, he began to develop the necessary skills he needed to master and conquer different categories in the Spanish language. After 3 years living in Santo Domingo, his parents decided it was finally time to move back to New York. They felt that he was missing out on a normal American life of, as well as missing out on the families that were already residing there. Now back in New York “Bony” attended Evander Childs High School which was a school known for its violence and crimes committed inside the facility. Not being intimidated by the school’s reputation, he was able to adapt to his surroundings, and eventually graduating. It was in high school that Bony started experimenting with becoming a lyricist. Free styling during lunch periods, as well as fooling around with recording equipments but nothing concrete ever came out of it. It was also in Evander Child’s where he met his first love. As we all know love can give you everything a world in which you want to be a part of forever and also take away everything you value in a blink of an eye. You don’t always get a happy ending and most times you have to find out the hard way how to lose a person who betrayed your trust. That was something Bony had experienced. It is then when he decided to pick up a paper and pen and put his feelings in paper. Ultimately the outcome of his feelings ended up with him writing his first song “Recuerdate Mujer.” After receiving positive feedback on the song, he began to craft and perfect the art of music making. To him music became a great way to express his thoughts and feelings about his past and also a way to escape the realities of the Bronx. As time went on he began to notice his potential and began to take his career more seriously. Within time he learned the basics and eventually found out that he can carry out a melodic tune. With the help of his newly found abilities he was able to create his own style in order to differentiate himself from other surrounding artists. Dedicating much of his time and efforts in polishing his unique sound and improving his style; his presence lets others become aware of his presence in a fast pace. Leaving his mark wherever he sets his foot in, he always quotes: “Cali esta Presente!” as a sign of victory towards his vast road of success within his Music and everything he has ever been a part of.

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