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Already the road to glory for a handful of established UK recording artists, Brookhill Road Studios is a right turn for musicians looking for consistency and continuity in their artistic endeavours. Originally an exclusive recording facility for record labels to groom fresh talent and develop their rosters. Brookhill Road Studios has opened its shutters to reveal, what was for many years, one of the music industry's best kept secrets. With two newly refurbished rooms for recording and rehearsing, Brookhill Recording Studios meets the demands of the ever so demanding artist. As the need for creators to become more self sufficient increases by the hour, we become more than just a button or mic lead. Brookhill Recording Stidios made its way in the business via artist development and unearthing rare talent by providing all the resources to start and finish a product from the first kick drum in an explosive beat, to the last clap of an ecstatic audience.
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Brookhill Road, London, UK
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