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Brighton Wiseman (born Apri 19, 1989), Famously known as Brythreesixty , is an African Hiphop Artist Songwriter, record producer and graphic designer. He is the owner, and founder of the independent record label GNiK Records. His music has reached diverse grounds and has accelerated his worth as one of the frontiers of hip hop in his home country, Zimbabwe. Brythreesixty, in reference to his label as a Christian rapper, has stated that his music is just hip hop, NO LABELS. To date he has released One Ep , Lp and 3 Mixtapes as a solo artist and he is also a former member of a hip-hop group called Christhood. He remains the first rapper to feature on the Show Unsigned Fine on 1Africa Radio Station (South African Radio) and has musical features crossing borders which boast of international mixtapes that include ‘Coast2Coast Mixtapes’ on Straight Ministry Heat & Many More. He stands to be the first Zimbabwean rapper to have a verified facebook page. The young and ambitious rapper has shared the stage and collaborated with various artistes and has appeared multiple times on live television interviews and local radio shows. Performed on Big stages and small stages , before thousands. He has been nominated for a lot of award shows locally and internationally. 2012 , 13 , 14 , He was Nominated for Best Gospel Act At Zim Hip Hop Awards , 2014 Was nominated 4 categorizes (Influential Male Artist Of the Year , Best Video Nominee :Behind Enemy Lines , MVP of The Year Nominee , Best Collaboration : Time Traveller and He won Influential Male Artist Of the Year at CHHAwards 2015 Nominated For Best Male , Best Collaboration : Konzeresa at Zim Hip Hop Awards. 2015 Nominated For Best Gospel Act at Zim Youth Achiever’s Awards Held in Dallas Texas 2015 Nominated People’s Choice Awards at Changamire Hip Hop Awards 2015 Nominated Best Collaboration at Top Naija Awards(Held In Nigeria) : Shay Baii (Won the Award) Born in Kadoma and raised in Chitungwiza, Brythreesixty moved often early in life, living in, Kadoma ,Bulawayo and Finally Chitungwiza. He Started Rapping in 2010 , He was introduced to Hip-hop by his childhood friend El Deeper , and they formed a group called Christhood together with Scorpel Rolls. He was raised from a Christian Family of 4 and His the last Born. Brythreesixty Managed to Drop 2 Albums , 1 Ep and 3 mixtapes when he was Part of Christhood. As a solo artist dropped , Third ReAnimation Ep & LP 2014 , Purple Mars 1 & 2 2016 . Titles and achievements Zimbabwe •Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominee 2012 Best Gospel Act Nominee •Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominee 2013 Best Gospel Act Nominee •Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominee 2014 Best Gospel Act Nominee •Zim Hip Hip Awards Nominee 2015 Best Male •Zim Hip Hop Awards Nominee 2015 Best Collaboration (Konzeresa ft Mudiwa & Cal_Vin) •CHH Awards Nominee 2014 Influential Male Artist Of the Year (Won) •CHH Awards Nominee 2014 Best Video Nominee (Behind Enemy Lines) •CHH Awards Nominee 2014 MVP of The Year Nominee •CHH Awards Nominee 2014 Best Collaboration (Time Traveller ft SoProfound) •CHH Awards Nominee 2015 Best Song (Konzeresa) •CHH Awards Nominee 2015 Best Collaboration (Konzeresa ft Mudiwa and Cal_Vin) •CHH Awards Nominee 2015 Best Video (Checkmate ft Dexter Baysiq) •Changamire Hip Hop Awards 2016 People ‘s Choice Nominee NIGERIA •Top Naija Music Awards 2015-16 Best Collaboration (Shay Baii ft Lil Dizzie) (Won) Dallas Texas •Zimbabwe Youth Achievers Awards 2015 Nominee Best Gospel Act

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