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3 in the morning, High Hata, and It Was Love, are just a few titles in the dynamic variety of R&B music this vocalist has released. “I really just say what I feel and try my best to relate to others through my own personal experiences.” Says Calvin on his musical inspirations. “There’s nothing like conveying an emotion, or situation that reaches out to the hearts and minds of others.” At the core of his musical sound, you will find that not only does Calvin have a phenomenal way of expressing his love and sometimes sensual infatuation with women. But he also has a side that would get him the deserved credibility from his roots and where he came from. Which are the rough ghettos of a small city in West Tennessee called “Jackson”. Being where it all began…. Let’s take a closer look into “Kali World”. The story of Calvin is one that is quite noteworthy, and most living in the poverty of an Urban Suburb can relate to the touching reality of this prominent young recording artists history. Born in Jackson TN Calvin “Kali” Ross moved to Detroit with his late Grandmother at the age of nine. Coming up as what some would call (the last of a dieing breed) a late eighties baby, Calvin was raised in a household where he was surrounded by structural discipline, and music was one of the main sources of entertainment. Not knowing that it would soon influence him into pursuing the journey of a promising career. He quickly fell in live with, and was slowly cultivating the idea of being headlined on the BIG STAGE. Wining numerous talent shows and showcases he came to realizing his DREAM, could be made into reality when he saw a few neighborhood friends creating high quality recordings out of their bedrooms. Soon afterwards, he dove head first into the world of audio production and engineering. Gaining a buzz in his city and surrounding areas he quickly caught the attention of a local production company “Iron Mavericks”, where his talents would be exploited to soaring heights. Currently working with his production team “Iron Mavericks”, Calvin is now working on his strongest attributes and looking forward to showcasing his smooth and confident stage presence. Having a remarkable range and style with vocals that would sooth a baby to sleep, and notes that will have your ears begging for more, it’s difficult to expect what’s next from this dedicated recording artist. If you would like to keep up with Calvin,,, and Twitter @calvinross_ are the main social networks to where he can be seen and heard. Being an independent artist, and reaching over two thousand active followers, Calvin has had local radio airplay, lit the stage wit several stunning performances, and is slowly but surely becoming a force to be reckoned within the demanding music community.

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