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Brice “Cartie Aye” Williams was born on a cool day in November in Houston, TX. As a child, he embraced music and was always ready to be creative. As he was growing up, his cousin influenced him to pursue a serious career in music. As he grew older, he became more creative in his writing as he wrote freestyles to songs that were already on the radio. After his parents separated, Cartie A went to live with his mom in Huntsville TX. At the age of 14 his fascination for rapping started as he learned the basics of word play and musical rhyming. In time, Cartie Aye became more comfortable with his sound and style and soon knew what he needed to do to make his mark in the industry. As he attempts to etch his way into the rap game, he found people could be cruel. Many people told him that he would not amount to anything in the music industry and that he’s not going to get anywhere. This gave Cartie Aye more of a boost and determination to get to his anticipated goal. Digging deep into the roots of hip hop, Cartie A was and is still today a student of the legends Tupac Shakur, Nas, and Outkast, amongst others who use their rhymes to tell their stories. Using the inspiration of the artists Drake and J Cole, Cartie Aye wants to present such a unique sound as that of his present time predecessors. Cartie Aye says “I want my music to mean something…to be real music with real lyrics and not just a good beat. I believe that good music will always make a stand and the ones to create such will make a great impact in music.” In anticipation of his first single, Cartie Aye will release a mix-tape

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