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           Hiphop. Every fabric of my being is immersed in this culture. I live it with complete passion and nothing will separate me from what I love doing. This is the only life I know, so I'll live it to the fullest until my last breath.            My years in this world taught me one thing. We can all learn something from each other. If we all connect, putting our egos and self agendas to the side, we can all achieve greatness. Music brings everybody together. People from all walks of life gather under one tune. All genres use the same instruments, just different ways from each other.        I go by the name of ChinoGoldz- MC/producer/writer/poet/entrepreneur/father/husband/brother/son, etc. I wear many hats.  CHINO because I grew up being "the only Asian kid in class." GOLDZ, well I could go on and on about the GOLD part but you'll find out along the way...           I'm not here to claim that I'm gonna save the game, I'm just here to contribute. I'm here to bless you what I know, and I hope you bless me with what you know. I take this game serious, I invested my whole life in it...therefore I'm ALL IN!             Travel on this journey with me... and TOGETHER... we will make sure that our beloved HIPHOP culture will LIVE FOREVER.

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