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My music passion started early with classical and flamenco guitar, but quickly moved to a greater love: R&B. I began performing, singing, and writing as a teen. My first trips into the studio to record songs I had written were in the late 60’s. After high school I graduated from the CT School of Broadcasting and continued performing for more than ten years. Most of my background stayed in R&B, Soul, Rock with a sprinkle of Jazz, performing with and producing a number of bands in the New England area. In the late 70’s I continued on with my education and other career pursuits moving me far away from my music roots in CT. In 2011 I was contacted through the internet by former musicians I had worked with asking if I was still writing and singing. Well because of those contacts, I made an aggressive return to writing in those music roots I loved and missed. Currently my personal studio is located in CT, USA. I have a dozen songs brewing, waiting for the studio. I continue to play guitar(s), drums and other percussion. I love minors and dissonance in my writing and try to apply them in my music often. Today I have more than 40 new original songs, have performed in a number of small concerts and in open mic activity. My hunger remains: to make music that speaks to you, whatever your circumstance may be. Contact information: Chuck Sadosky Lattice Worxx Studio, 860.402.5597

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