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It's a Classic Tale of Rap Music It's a story of development,sacrifice and success.It's Rickey Antonio Pratt's story.Rickey Antonio Pratt is a Mississippi native.What does that mean? It means he's precipitous in music.It runs through his very soul,and Rickey has that uncanny innate ability to produce some of the greatest Mississippi Delta stories of all time.His name pretty much sets the picture.Rickey Antonio Pratt:which his name acronyms stand for RAP.He is a true believer and heartfelt lover of Hip-Hop Music.He is destined to become one of the genres greatest!! Currently a Mississippi resident,cootermane just seems to keep going...Keep growing...on that long musical road.You see,it's the MUSIC ,not all the trappings,which drive this amazing talent. Cootermane Muzik details the cold,hard life of the Mississippi Delta.It's that sterling passion for music that ruled his life,and set his course for the future.His artist So-Official has landed various impressive mixed tapes.His artist has an unique way of performing and composing lyrics.Now it's time to bring him to the world. COOTERMANE MUZIK is ready to show the world how MISSISSIPPI do it!! The future of Rap is here.The name is Cootermane Muzik don't forget it!! I WAS BORN IN RAISE IN LELAND,MS (DA-DIRTY DELTA),HOME OF SOME OF THE GREAT BLUE'S SINGERS SUCH AS SON THOMAS,B.B KING,MISSISSIPPI Slim


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