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Not many artist, in the arena of Hip Hop or otherwise, can boldly come close to the CRIMZEN KINGPINZ. They've transformed the musical landscape, mixing Hip Hop with Reggae/Dancehall music. A very powerful appeal!! These Miami-bred emcees have earned a name for their selves with multiple open performances for well known hip hop artist throughout Miami. In early 2002, Roy Kristo and Vortex were members of a Hip Hop group called Illanoiz out of Miami, FL. The group consisted of 5 members. During the 4 year time frame in the group they completed an album and mix tapes. Early 2003 they opened up for Dead Prez at the Hard Rock Café in Downtown Miami. Also opening up for 50 Cent in 2004 at Bayfront Park in Downtown Miami. Other artist include Pitbull and Joe Budden in 2005 also at Bayfront Park and the list continues .. the death of their manager Alex Haas the group decided to venture off into solo acts. In 2006 two members of the group Illanoiz Roy Kristo and Vortex were working on solo albums when they ran into each other in the studio. They did a collaboration track and decided to form a group; which later became CRIMZEN KINGPINZ. Their unique blend of Reggae/Dancehall edge and hardcore Hip Hop feel, brought a hybrid sound which could be something new to the music industry. They have had a lot of feedback and support from various radio stations such as internet radio and college radio stations, such as 92.7, 95.9, and 88.1. On their venture to a new expedition, a second time around could be success for these two talented artist. Crimzen Kingpinz is definitely needed on the scene to bring that extra flavor to hip hop….. Their love and passion for the music business is unbelievable. They are constantly in the booth and hard at work, making music for those who long for original beats, original flow and musical integrity; Hip Hop, the way it was meant to be. Miami’s Finest, as the name suggest, “finest” in music, lyrics, beats, originality, and style. Crimzen Kingpinz seeks to change the industry by focusing on quality music, NOT just to make a fast buck but to open a new door to the Hip Hop generation!

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