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"The balance that he is able to maintain throughout his music, that of electronic dancefloor rhythms married with ornate, often pseudo-orchestral melodies, sets his music apart from the casual EDM masses." - Beats per Minute "Beautifully measured tracks that play-out like mini soundtracks; refined, elegant and full of interesting beats and adventurous soundscapes." - GoldFlakePaint (Bristol/UK) CUSCINO operates out of Los Angeles as both an artist/producer and composer for film, TV and video games. While varied in style and sound, his work with previous acts over his past two decades of music creation all shared at least one thing in common: layer upon layer of progressive, sonic textures. His debut EP, Eternality, released October 2013 on Fashion Sells Musiq (Los Angeles), provided a first look at this progressive, textural approach to music. And his sophomore album, releasing 2015, will highlight the next step in his evolution as an artist & producer.


Mixtapes Featuring CUSCINO