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Born in the 80''''s D-ToxXx was the product of a single mother. As a youth D-ToxXx spent time in and out of Juvenile Detention Centers and group homes. As a child he moved a lot and found himself rarely living in stable enviroments. With a alcoholic father never playing a role in his life, D-ToxXx turned to music at a young age, but never actually pursued his dream until High School where he formed one of the first Hip-Hop/Rock groups. After a fallout and legal problems with ****** Records, drug addicted band members and crooked Managers/Promotoers, D-ToxXx started pursuing a music career as a solo, Independent artist. These days D-ToxXx finds himself trapped in the dark underworld of emerging artist, immensely determined to break out of the poverty he grew up in D-ToxXx has locked himself away for over two years hoping to complete his Magnum Opus!!

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