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Da Harm "bio" Let Him Loose- At first glance you would not expect the person standing in the booth with his back to the microphone to have such a history behind him. Da Harms first day in life,he was introduced to death due to labor complications he was birth without a heart beat but God had plans for this child opening his eyes on that cold january night at university hospital,Born in Baltimore his parents did not want thier child to be raise and exposed to the ugly street life,so with his father enlisting into the marines Da Harm lived as a army brat as a child being raised all over the world in different countries. He picked up on things fast learning other languages and cultures but fate would have another story for him to learn,moving back to Baltimore after a very ugly family dispute,Harm found his self as the man of the house with four baby sisters and now no father for leadership,"being forced to move with grandma and my four uncles with my mother and sisters in a 3 bed room that was crazy," Harm would say:sometime if you didnt eat,you aint eat. At the age of eight years old Harm would meet a man that would change his life forever,uncle Pat. Coming home from a 6year prison stretch he showed his nephew Harm one thing,get money,being raised in a drug environment showed him the real side of life and catherin street in the 80''''s was the jungle. At the same time He would fall in love and hate with a thing call music,On day my father said he was coming to pick me up and didnt show up,so I fucked up the whole house up,and when my mother found me I was talking to myself in a psychotic mind state she calmed me down and told me from that point on if I was mad to write it down, from that moment life has been an extrem race to run,Harm says,: With no choice do to his actions his mother kick him out of her home, I was just trouble,becoming a father at fifteen seeing his friends murder,forced to leave the state and server 6 months in a program for troubled youth or do hard time, coming home trying to work a slow money job having females blame babies on him,not being able to walk for 3 years learning to walk again,loosing his cousin Red, selling drugs,he lived the life and all of this would be put to his music as years go on."Not having the ability to walk made me feel like God didnt love me no more so I asked him just to give me back my legs and I would not turn my back on anybody needing my help and take advantage of my gift of music he gave me "Harm says,: Forming a Street team named NeverFlaw would push him to the top,taking the name from a crack bundle his uncle sold and with Pat doing 10 years now harm valued to not let his child down, preforming at every show and club he could in the DMV area he made a named for him self appearing on coast 2 coast mixtapes and tv would get the ears of A&Rs but it would be the link between him and his old drug rival that would seal the deal,hooking up with john jo to become his manager and form his label Da Breed ent,they took Over the NewYork mixtape game appearing on 13 G-unit Dj Roughandz mixtapes in on year, Harm has become a beast when it comes to flow. So where he goes from here is all in his hand, but you would not expect that to be the life of the person with his back to the microphone.

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