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Devon Gordon, better known as Dev Nasty, is a Philadelphia born M.C. Appropriately named, Dev is nasty when it comes to lyrical talent. The ability to combine lyrics with what it takes to make a good song is what makes him stand out amongst the plethora of rappers in the Philadelphia area. Dev has proven that he has the ability to make street songs, party anthems, and songs that are mainstream radio friendly with his past two mixtape releases and is reaffirming his talent with his recently released EP titled The Medici Family EP. Coming up in the Philly rap scene isn’t easy. There are thousands of rappers trying to be the next Beanie Sigel or Meek Mill. It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. No matter how much talent you have it’s never guaranteed that you’ll ever even get noticed. Dev understood that even as a teenager and was smart enough to diversify himself as a brand. Not relying solely on his lyrical ability he created Rich Mind$et or RMS. RMS is not only an entertainment company but also a clothing line and they are looking into doing a wide range of merchandising in the near future. Most people would stop there and be satisfied but not Dev. It turns out Dev is talented with a camera and talented on the other end of the camera. He and his partner created Black Rebel Films in 2013 and Dev has a main role acting in the newest addition to K Walker’s Bodycount series, the hit, Delaware Bodycount. Saying that Dev Nasty has a diverse range of talents may be an understatement. Dev’s wide range of attributes may have come from his musical influences growing up. From artists like Andre 3000, Method Man and Lauren Hill to Philadelphia’s own Beanie Sigel, Young Chris and Spittage to DMX, The LOX and the legend Tupac Shakur his identity as an artist on all sides of the camera was molded perfectly by the different styles of the M.C.’s he listened to as a child growing up in Philly. Dev took all of these great M.C.’s and mixed it together into the man known now as Dev Nasty. Dev Nasty’s first mixtape, titled Misunderstood, brought his identity as an artist to the forefront. With the wide selection of beats it proved that Dev can rap over anything and make it sound amazing. His second mixtape, released in late 2014, was a success with street anthems like “Who You Talkin To” and the underground hit “Fukk Niggas.” Accompany those with the absolute lyrical destruction of the “Chiraq” beat and the smooth laid back vibes of “Seen It All,” and “All For Da Love” and it’s not hard to tell why All Praises Due was a success. Dev Nasty recently was on the Teach Me How To Party College Tour and is now performing at various clubs throughout Philadelphia further expanding his name. In the midst of all this Dev released The Medici Family EP online and through his own label Rich Mind$et. Two videos, “The Curb” and “Shining,” have been released off this project so far and it is quickly proving to be his best work to date. With The Medici Family EP released in digital format and hard copy Dev is looking toward the future. Always looking for a new outlet or skill to add to his repertoire, rest assured you will be seeing bigger and better things from Dev Nasty very soon. “What is coming is better than what is gone. My past made me better not bitter.”--Dev Nasty

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