coast 2 coast
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Dfrt, (pronounced "different”) Irvington, New Jersey, the source and the seed of my downfalls to blessings with God being the orchestrator of my dominon and steps. At 28, re-born, my words to me, myself, not just I, but US are, “Through my struggles and spiritual rebirth, I have to speak the real, the raw, the truth about alternative pathways to life. The trap life nah, gang gang, not even, but when we invest time with God, thru our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, our possibilities are endless!. Just to be alive is proof of God’s GRACE and MERCY. I did not lose my rhythm, (y’all know we don’t do that)...but I did gain HOPE... Another option...Another route...Take this WALK with me...Hear me out...Imso_Dfrt”??

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