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Welcome! Scratch Artist//Producer/Open format DJ...... Jeff Garfield Was born in "Hamilton's East End" known by his stage name "DJ GEE" he has been mixing it down since "08-09" after being able to get his hand on some equipment. In late 09 he had been Going to "Scratchlab" in "Toronto" and learning from other local dj's and online. Gee has always had a love for music, At age 14 he began taking guitar lessons in his neighbourhood and would play on the drums at young age with his Father being a drummer in a local band and his brother a guitarist. Living with just his Mother after his Step Father past away from cancer in 96' and not having much to fall back on with his personal life. Gee started to focus his time more towards his goal of becoming a successful Deejay/Producer/Skratch Artist. In late 09 he had quickly started getting his ideas and what he knows (online) and in and around his city. With the success of his first youtube channel and having made a few videos here and there he had gained 250 subscribers and over 35,000 Channel Views before the Channel was shut down by youtube due to copyright issues. Mostly mixing Top40/Hip Hop/Old School Rap/Rock/Dubstep/Country. Gee is very adaptable to mixing all kinds of genre's along with using the turntables as an instrument learning from watching the master and late great DJ AM through just about every AM video online along with many others who have paved the way in this great art form! Gee spends countless hours online practicing/learning from the games best, His Mentor and Scratch Icon "DJ QBERT" who he was able to meet. In his hometown Gee has been able to work and learn from some of the biggest names to do it numerous hip hop artist as well. For as long as I can remember, Djing has been my release. It has given me a chance to escape into the worlds I created: the turntables became my confidants, the language my music. I know that some of the greatest works of music emerged out of hardships, but I also know that great musicians can grow and develop in many aspects always never can learn enough. I know that with the one-on-one attention I would receive at your college/university, I can be shaped into the DJ/Producer I’ve always wanted to become. Being raised by my Mother has taught me that the focus shouldn’t be on where you’ve been, but on where you’re going—and more importantly, where you want to go. I wanted be a successful person in my family to go to college and graduate, but really I just want to be the first to truly follow my dreams. I have been fortunate enough to be apart of of amny youtube videos and projects within my area and around the world. I’ll never forget when my mentor, the late great DJ AM and the one and only DJ Qbert. "I’m a DJ.” These are words I never thought I’d be able to say, and if I am given the opportunity to study it in anyway im there. I know I can continue to prove to myself and others, and to myself that I really am a DJ. Gee Thanks His Mom/ Family and All Who Support and live with the passion to follow there goals and dreams. Peace and Love.... DJ GEE

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