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Wyoming born. Colorado living. I create music. I live in the moment. I love my life! I am truly blessed. Doc Suess has been an extremely prominent member in the 307 hip hop community for years. One of 307''''''''''''''''s best freestylers and song writers, Suess doesn''''''''''''''''t have to fight for his spot. It''''''''''''''''s always waiting there for him. That was proven over the course of a 17 month personal discovery, in which he wrote over 55 songs and immediately hit the studio, getting back to performing in no time. Suess was introduced to hip hop at the tender young age of 6 by a cousin in Denver. Within a couple years, he knew he had to start rapping. By 12 years old, Suess was already freestyling wherever he could; by 15 he was battle rapping his peers. He started recording his first CD with Sound Sella Prodcutions before getting offered to join SMK (Suicide Mafia Kings) with DJ Nyke, Kilo, and Yogi. They recorded over 30 tracks before he got shipped off to rehab for 9 months, putting his music on hold. Not long after his release, his mother was murdered. Like anyone else would, he sought alcohol to ease the pain and caught his first DUI. Doc Suess bounced to Albuquerque where he was a paid artist with Crank it Up Productions and a part of Get Down Ent. After awhile, he decided it was time to go home to Casper, Wy. AlpHaMatic had left the pHormula and created BeastEaters Musick when he and Doc Suess began hitting the stage together like a group with no name and became an intensely present act in the 307. This was around the time when PRESCRxPTION was bringing darker hip hop to town more often, yet he still didn''''''''''''''''t lose his shine. BeastEaters Musick and Death Lab Productions teamed up and rebuilt the hip hop scene in Casper from the ground up. After years of performing and rocking shows with the crews, Doc impressed the nation with his craft completing a nationwide tour coast to coast hitting 41 major US cities in only 48 days. From hip hop to horrocore shows, freestyle battles on the streets to the competitions, Doc Suess stays in the game. And it looks like he ain''''''''''''''''t goin nowhere Name: Doc Suess Aliases: Doc; Jawdin; Donnie Danger; Swuess; Nibbles; Phillip Alabaster Discography: Mixed Sessions (2004) (Independent) Together Finally (2005) (Independent) Face Card Value mixtape w/ Nyke (2006) (Independent) Chemically Dependent (2008) (BeastEater Musick) Do Work mixtape (2010) (BeastEater Musick) Doc Suess (2014) (BeastEater Musick/Statik ENT) Cell Therapy (Winter 2014) (BeastEater Musick/Statik ENT) Ghost Stories (2015) (BeastEater Musick/Statik ENT) Statik and Doc Suess present: Doobies and Boobies mixtape (TBA) (Statik Entertainment)
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