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Don-Dada King is a Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap solo artist from Southwest Virginia. CEO of his record label, Get Money Daily Records and Empire Muzik' Virginia Chapter. He is also an artist under the worldwide movement, Empire Muzik. Starting out with an MP3 Player, karaoke machine and a Guitar Hero microphone as his only sources of recording, he never once let that stop him from showcasing his true abilities, skill, talent and overall love for music. Best described as a mix between Ja Rule and Drake but at the same time, he doesn't sound like any other artists, past or present. His stage presence and ability 2 dominate the mic and move a crowd is unbelievable. Don-Dada King is without question, the most underrated, overlooked and slept on artist in his hometown. Yet, with little to no resources, he remains above the competition on the charts and has double digit thousand song plays. After elevating himself, Don-Dada King now has a better flow, much sharper punchlines and a feel good type atmosphere with his music. He released his first official mixtape entitled " Topic of Conversation " in Spring 2012. His second mixtape entitled " Battle Tested - Life Approved " was released in Spring 2013. Don-Dada King also released his artist New Centz, debut mixtape entitled " The Unknown Nuisance " in Summer 2013, becoming the first project to be released under Get Money Daily Records. Don-Dada King released his 3rd mixtape entitled " Til' The Death Of Me " in Spring 2014. And is set to release his 4th effort, " Get Signed Or Die Tryin' " sometime next year. All it is going to take is for the right people to take notice of Don-Dada King and he will become a force to be reckoned with in the world of Hip-Hop and R&B. Be on the look out for this local Hip-Hop phenomenon ...

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