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A young and talented artist age 19 from Flint MI. Who grew up moving around the city and changing schools alot so was able to see and be in a lot of the different ghettos. Seeing how messed up the city was, how everyone had to live, and going threw it himself created his personality and formed his opinion on how the "Hood" is. At around age 12 or 13 he moved to Az where he realized everywhere isn't the same and people arent either. This move really opened his eyes on the diversity of the world and people. He realized that whole world wasn't a big ghetto and that he could choose. Shortly after he realized he didn't want to live the "hood' life instead he wanted knowlegde and an education so he started doing better in school playing on the high school basketball team and occasionally getting in trouble. This decision opened his mind to a whole other level and since he loves science and history so much he studies what he calls " World Knowledge " and sometimes puts it in his music.
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