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Born & Bred In New York, Deandre Haynes, aka Dre Loco never thought he would see music as one of his favorite interests. It was by the strong encouragement from two of his acquaintances that made him have a change of heart. The year of July 2011, Loco had just finished his 11th year of high school. He copped himself a little notepad and began penning down a few lines until he finally came out with his first single, "Haterz Quit It" which had been his own version of "Go N Get It" by Ace Hood. Ever since then, Dre Loco has written over 50 songs and is currently working on his Locovation EP which is due any time now. He''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s worked with Dirty Vans, 808 Mafia, and many more. Keep a close eye because you never know what is bound to be heard.

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