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Dre T. aka Mr. Snuffaluff started his music career way before he knew he was ready. At the early age of 9 Dre T.(before Mr. Snuffaluff) used to observe and listen to his favorite big cousin “B-Man” spit raw un-rehearsed freestyles straight acappella. At that age music was everything especially in the late 80''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s early 90''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s. Mr. Snuffaluff didn’t actually start freestyling until the age of 18, but by 21 he picked up a keyboard synthesizer and started freestyling over his on beats. It was beats that was his first true love, so what better way to display his true lyricism than over a smooth hard hitting percussion track. Dre T.’s first underground hit was “Big Booty Luv” and ode to a Midwest classic “Computer Love” an underground release back in 2004. Being from Oklahoma, you hear all kinds of music and that’s why his sound is like no other. Throughout his life, spending a good time living just outside of Dallas, Texas and Louisiana, where his Father’s side of roots came about, is where Mr. Snuff got his ear for southern bass and brass horns, developing his laid back amped up flow. Being in the Midwest he is able to adapt to any type of track and “ride the beat”. Years past, and Snuff took a short break from music to stack money and raise 2 children. In 2011, his campaign started back up with youtube freestyles over mainstream artist tracks which caught a buzz from his group of friends and followers, as this was his first real introduction to the success of Youtube. In, May of 2013, Dre T. aka Mr. Snuffaluff released his highly anticipated first mixtape “Tryna Stack Bunker Money” hosted by DJ Spynwills(Anything Goes LLC, Missouri). He had a single titled “Beast” that made national Radio Airplay and gained him street exposure and national attention. Also from the mixtape he released 2 videos “Meal Ticket” and “Watch Me” where Snuff displays versatility about true situations and understanding why he pushes his music as hard as he does. 2014 looks to be a promising year already with 2 singles on Coast2Coast mixtapes Indie top 50 and a New single “R.A.P.P.E.R” making noise on iTunes. Mr. Snuffaluff has networked with many artists, and hopes to get major artist features soon to help promo his true talent, his Lyrics. Always a fan of good music first, Mr. Snuffaluff is ready to take off to the next level and continue feeding the streets with classic after classic music.

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