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YoungSache born ebony martin April 8 1991. She has herd music since she was in the womb. Her mother played Isaac Hayes,AL green,Christina Aguilara and more.She won numerous talent awards in and out of school. She always had A's in music,and for those who think reading and learning music is a breeze you got one thing coming"she says". Its not what you think. You have to know music notation and more. In 2009 She released a solo project called feed the streets, which didn't do well due to her not knowing her demographic of fans were not american, go figures...the u.ks loved her and she never knew. Now in 2016 she has a hit single called we dab,and its now global playing to the masses,if you haven't herd check her out today its amazing how she produced and free styled it as a truly unique project. p.s thanks mystro, & kimmi for believing in me.

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