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DTDTUxFADStribe :We are a couple of college students starting off and bringing smiles. We live in the mountains of Michigan aka Central Michigan. We have a lot of work to do and were gonna try and keep new beats and music flowing to keep the attention of current, new and future followers. We love trying to collaborate around the state with newly met artist or anyone who wants to do music in general. Its not work for us because were having to much fun with it. Big Smooth is the most experienced and the rest are being taught to evolve but we still teach each other as whole. We've gotten new additions but thats something you will have to wait for. Anyone who wants to reach us or say whats up just hit one of us up on Twitter - Dubs- @rydubs Fiji- @FiJiScotland Big Smooth- @ On_Dre3K. Happy to meet you all and lets keep the music flowing and we'll make it.

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