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Mustapha M. Mahdi II aka“FERELLiHiLTON” hails from Reston VA, but has lived all over the DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia). FERELLi started exploring music at the young age of 4 years old. Music was in his soul from birth! FERELLiHiLTON comes from a family full of songwriters, producers, singers & rappers. (Ricky "Sugafoot" Wellman, The Mahdi Mobb, Prophecy GO-GO Band) Just to name a few. FERELLi started getting serious about his artistry at the age of 13. Believe it or not, FERELLi produced over 1,000 beats on a PlayStation 2!!!! He began cultivating his craft, by gaining exposure to different genres, styles, sounds and exploring different cultures. His goal is to bring "Feeling Music" to his listeners. “Feeling music is exactly what it sounds like!! It means NO GENRE ATTACHED; just expect my music to bump in all aspects, regardless of genre!! My love for music, is in my beats, in my heart, and when face 2 face you''ll see it in my eyes and hear it in my voice!!!  #SWAYdat”! FERELLiHiLTON, where does the name come from?? “I Chose "FERELLi" as a joke, in a conversation at a party with friends. It sounded like a "Reality T.V.” name. The question I was asked was: If you had to think of a "Reality" name, what would it be?? LOL ... and "FERELLi" came FLYING OUT!! Now the "HILTON", came from my ambition to be known like the wonderful chain of hotels called: "THE HILTON”. My goal is to become a bigger artist then the Hilton Empire! The reason my "i''s" are always lower cased, Is a subliminal message to myself. To never forget where i came from nor the key people and factors that helped me make it! "S.W.A.Y. (S)imply (W)e (A)in’t (Y)a’ll!!!"

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