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I am FLOWFLYIR (FLYIR) an indie music artist, covering several styles of music including rap, Hip-Hop, Spoken Word and others. Poetry opened the door for me to start my musical journey, which sparked my passion to help others. I write motivational songs about bullying, global change, personal experience and unique themes. Plus, all my music is non-explicit. I started rapping when I was 16 and I learned from a guy in my high school. His name was David Falls and he was in grade 12 at the time. I rapped battled him twice and I learned from rap battling him how to rap. After that, I started my own YouTube channel on November 3, 2012. Then I started freestyling on other peoples beats that were my favourite rap songs and I made remixes or used someone else's beat to make my own song. Like the We Ain't Stopping Now, which at the time I was using Michael Wells’s beat. He told me about this program that he used called MAGIX MUSIC MAKER. Then I looked up the program online, bought it and I started making beats. I also, wrote my rough draft of my first song Rap all day and Rap all Night at age of 16 and wrote down my first freestyle that I called We Ain't Stopping Now at the same age and had the song on my YouTube channel. Since then I deleted the song and I remade it into two songs. The original song is on my page on SoundCloud and the remix is also out and I want to thank bedezetbeatsproduction for the use of the beat. I wrote my own songs more at the age of 17 and with that program, I began to make beats. I continued to do this, I also started rapping because I was bullied most of my school year. If I did not find away to deal with my stress I was thinking about not going to school. Rap became my stress reliever and It also became a way for me to express how I felt. I still Rap, make beats, I just started mixing and mastering. I created my own group we were called MUS!C !S FROM TH€ H€ART or M!FTH. We were called TGH or TO GET HEARD. We were independent, signed to ourselves and no one else. I also use be in a duet with my buddy YOUNG KING HERO, Were called MASSIVE FLOW RAPPERS. I also took down my YouTube channel when the new update came. Then I made a new one, which right now has a few videos. I am waiting to get the right video equipment before I make really good music videos. When I started I used my laptop's webcam and that was all right, but now I want to upgrade. I will also be starting to make my own beats from scratch using my Akai music mixer/ keyboard. I use to use Magix Music Maker 2013. Now I have moved onto Mixcraft 7. I am now 23 and I use to have a rap flow like GUCCI MANE. When I started rapping people said I was going to be the next Eminem. My stage name is FLOWFLYIR. My producing name was FLOWFLYIRBEATS or F-FLYIRBEATS. I am influenced by Busta Rhymes to keep going with my music. I am influenced by a rap legend his name was Tupac and he rapped mostly about his own life. My favourite rapper is Busta Rhymes, I also like EMINEM, Gucci Mane, Tupac and many more. Time To Get Heard promo and radio were created By FLOWFLYIR. on Thursday, December 3, 2015. Hey, we all want to be heard. I decided to help people get heard by creating this page for my facebook group TTGH and SoundCloud group Time To Get Heard Support. This idea sprung from most of my followers who support my music, PACMAN & CFM. Inspired & Influenced By PACMAN, CFM & Big Typhoon plus YounG Ceaser.” Now called Flyir Radio & Podcast (2017). Check out my music in the links below. Working on my first album Inner Thoughts. I am also renovating my studio to improve my quality (2018). The Renovations of my studio are finished and I got a lot of new music on the way. So, stay tuned (Updated on March 3, 2019)


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