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I was born in NYC but was raised down south in North Carolina's Bull City. I grew up in the McDougal Terrace Housing projects where I had to quickly adapt to the lifestyle of the streets or stay in the house. I chose the streets because I hate staying in the house I liked the excitement of being outside. I wrote my first rhyme at around 8yrs old. From that age to around 14 I created music lightly but from 15 & up I was in cyphers and writing daily with my main homies D-READY and Y.LIFE. We formed a group called the MAC BOYZ and did quite a few recordings and shows together but due to some life changes we haven't been able to create as a group as much. My hunger is too great to keep in what I have to say and my story is to vivid to keep to myself. I am F R E $ H G*U*N*N*A
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