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Puerto Rican / filipino born 1996 in the east bay and was raised in the east bay. Hadd move with my granny when i was like 3 to a city called fremont. I fucked arou d and fell inlove with the streets at a young age .. and well u know how that go.... They say life is what u make it so ima make mines great! Im now a father to my beautiful daughter she was born in 2019. Im a barber by day and erythang else after but im a family man first and always. My motto has always and will forever be "family over everything!!! and money over anything else." ......Period for me music has always been an outlet And its guided me through allot of shit not really into writing anymore i kinda just record peice by piece till its done . I record all my music my self.! I got a vision and ima see it though I know ima get there.... its not wether but its when.....

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