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During the explosion of rap battle in the early 2000’s, GEO Davis took to the stages in his hometown of St. Louis, MO with a relentless focus. This focus gave him an edge against fellow rap challengers and many times he placed as the victor. His early successes seem to place him on the right path but soon the daily grind of life and the streets set him on a different path. The hustle and the streets won him over but eventually he recognized that he wanted to go beyond his urban gates in St. Louis. His street life and struggle not only influenced his music but it also coined his motto of Face Up, which means “to be aware of everything”. Geo ingrained this philosophy into his music and it is also the mission of Face Up Entertainment. Sean “BD” Caldwell, mentor of, rap sensation "J-Kwon", and Mark Johnson, co-owner of On 2 Productions, LLC, believed in his music and message and decided to sign him while they established Face Up Entertainment, LLC. Once he hit the studio, he decided to record a variety of rap styles for all types of hip-hop fans. GEO’s music is a melodic infusion of the Midwest meets the South and his lyrics hit all topics ranging from street rap, to club songs, and conscious rap.
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