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Goldenoozy big gun Michael Vidal is a gifted artist, producer, engineer, and conceptualist. The Miami, Florida-based musician discovered his ideal artist when he searched deep in himself and began fusing his Latino roots with indie hip-hop for an infectiously catchy, and refreshingly unique blend. Between these cultural pillars, Michael crafts tracks inspired by techno, house, future bass, EDM, chiptune, sound design, and cinematic music. Each Goldenoozy jam occupies its own world, revolving around a conceptual premise, a focused emotion, and a unique production treatment. Michael has been issuing a series of singles seeding the path to a Goldenoozy EP. To date, he’s released the booty shaker, “Activa,” and the darkly futuristic, “Wifi.” Goldenoozy’s aesthetic is as visual as it is musical. It’s curated from Michael’s passions for Asian cultures (he studied Mandarin in China for a year), and the gaming world. Michael has logged hours on virtually every console from the Nintendo 64 forward, and gaming sonics and visuals course through the Goldenoozy sphere. The unique handle “Goldenoozy” comes from Michael’s love of N64’s “Goldeneye” and his fascination with the Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z which featured a character named "Oozaru" (translation: Great Golden Ape). Goldenoozy is a fusion of these names. The Goldenoozy galaxy incorporates nods to Kung Fu, Japanese anime, and South Korean pop culture. The platform’s visuals include cartoonish golden UZIs, and symbolism culled from the realms of cyber-punk, dystopian, and futuristic imaginative landscapes. In addition, each Goldenoozy single is visually branded through being outfitted with a unique color palette.

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