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Born October 14th 1990, Tajon Williams also known as Grande Tay, didn’t have the best childhood like most. He grew up in Millwood, VA, a small country based town. He was stripped of happiness at a young age and introduced to Depression and Anxiety. Over the years he grew to love music which also introduced him to poetry. While in school, usually in detention, he would take the notes he had jotted down through out the day to form poems. Being in detention gave him access to a computer that helped him seek intrumentals that he would memorize in his head. When he would visit his family in Harrisonburg, VA he acquired numerous vibes of music including his favorite Rap Group Bone Thugs -N- Harmony, H-Town, Domino, and various other artists. As time went on he started taking more into lyrics as opposed to poetry. Hitting the occasional “Freestyle Friday” at school and doing random outbursts of lyrics he had memorized. On the road of becoming a young man after graduating Harrisonburg High School in 2009, Tajon found himself running into more problems than he had expected. Jail time started to become a yearly handout for Mr. Williams. He also suffered some major losses of close family members who had passed that put his mind-state and mentality in a different process. On March 17th 2014, Ky’Mani Jordan Williams was born. Tajon was blessed with a Son. At last, an opportunity to show his Son the Fatherhood his own Father was absent with. His temper and rage subsided overtime with self-healing and self-discipline. Otctober 14th 2018, Kelina Irie Williams came into this world. Does the month and day look familiar? A birthday blessing he would never forget. With all the blood, sweat, and tears shed within his lifetime he has put that into his music. Now Grande Tay is a free agent who thrives on independence, originality, and his lyricism excels in versatility. While also having hands on with all his music Tajon has also grown a passion for Audio Engineering and Graphic Designing. With music dating back to 2009, open your ears and allow The Giant From The Wood smack up your ear drums a little. The real is in.

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