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Forging his own path through a unique blend of Rock, Metal and Modern sounds independent recording artist GT has creatively breathed new life into the classic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock genres. Committed to crafting quality, rocking music, GT has been a fixture on the local Reverb Nation Top 10, been accepted into the MTV Artists Hub, and is featured on several Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes including: MakinMoves Mixtape Vol. 31, NextUp Vol. 167 with the hit song He Lives No More and Rock Edition Vol. 1 with He Did It In The Woods. Launching from the success of the Mini EP In The Woods, the recent third album release of Into The Unknown defines creativity, stretches sonic boundaries and raises the heavy bar once again. Along with his brother (Special Guest performer Gary Hengeveld), GT's many accomplishments to date include: 3 Albums, 4 Singles, 2 Mini EP's and 8 Videos. GT has also been featured in the Louder Than Hell article "Rockers With A Purpose" following the release of GT's fourth single 121212 which was released as a memorial to the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. Over 20 different sites around the web feature the music of GT including multiple independent sites such as Bandcamp, ReverbNation and CD Baby as well as many major outlets like the MTV Artists Hub and Google play. Visit for all things GT including exclusive music, pics, apps, videos and more.

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