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CEO of Hello Worldwide LLC & Co-CEO of B.O.E Entertainment. Also an (Ascap Artist) as well as Minnesota 1st & Only Street Reporter. Born Jeffery Maurice White on the west side of Chicago, Ill, he grew up primarily on the streets of Minneapolis, MN. His first break through in music came in 2007 as a member of Milton Brasson aka “Explosive” Block Bully’z Ent. In the same year he received individual recognition for his lyrics "Overtime" & due to his open mic presence, but this was also the beginning of his notoriety as a leading figure of the hoodlum permutation of hip-hop, with references to hustling and life entities. His solo career also began in this year with Explosive (early part of 2008), and in 2009 he begun to shine even more on his tracks, SoTa PoP Goonz InC. Gunna Mane is widely regarded as the brass. He Later form what is now know as "Hello Squad Music Group" But law confrontations were soon to come: sent to a group home for violation of his probation in 1993, 1994, and 1997 for assault and battery. He was released after serving several months pending an appeal. Gunna had a certain charisma that always made him stand out from the rest as extreme and usually excessive self-confidence rapper of all time. Gunna spent much of his youth in Vicksburg, Ms and then later moved to Minneapolis, MN where he first gained notice as an poet in 1991. Later that in the years, he turned his poems writing into lyrics filled with violent lyrics that promoted drugs and misogyny, and life on the streets which it earned both notoriety and acclaim from fans of the genre. Late 2014 Gunna caught a 16 charge indictment in Phoenix, Az for drug trafficking & weapons possession. Facing 16.5 yrs and expedition back to Minnesota for felony probation violation on a previous 2nd degree burglary charge Gunna took his case all the way to trail an ended up walking away with 2 yrs probation. With another chance to do right Gunna turn his focus more on the music an the art of it. Which this is especially true for Gunna Mane as the versatile young rap artist. He have the potential to be bigger than life. SPG4Life #HSMG #BOE #TeamHello #1017BSM #SPGTV??? Facebook.Com/GunnaManeHSMG Alwayz Live Somewhere U Ain't

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