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Born and raised under the Dallas city skyline, south native Havanna Joe and his suave campaign (sksmg) seem to have the "rags to riches" concept down to a science. Dec. 11, 1987 born Marquise Breon Stephens, Havanna Joe took up rapping as a youngster growing up between both the hoods and suburbs of the Dallas city metroplex. Raised by a single mother and accompanied by a younger brother, Havanna grew through trial and error making choices without a stable father figure. Landed some time in prison, Havanna focused in on his talent, molded his craft to what you hear today. Blessed with the gift of gab, Havanna's prison time evolved his confidence and delivery, and brought him to the realization of his potential in life and music. Rhyme schemes, wordplay, metaphors, and similes are just a few terms to watch for when you're waiting on your eargasm from this up and coming indie artist!!!!
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Enuff said.....#sksmg4life
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