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Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes announce the release of the “Passport Music: Flight To Greatness” Mixtape by Horizon-IA. The 28 track project is currently available for download. The mixtape features appearances from Vince Da Prince, Cokey G, CP, Joey J, Cody Hicks, Nu Depths, Lucas Brighton, BA the Gift, and Amanda K. Clafflin. Horizon-IA, real name Alfonzo Pierre, is a singer, song writer, producer, director, music manager, and above all else a Hip Hop artist from Iowa. With over 15 years fine tuning his craft, Horizon-IA has the ability to diversify the music market by blending many different styles from Hip Hop to Country in his original songs and production. “Passport Music: Flight To Greatness” ushers in a new day in Hip Hop with refreshing pure Hip Hop songs like “Real Talk”, featuring real life messages and true lyricism. Songs like “Making Of A Boss” and “Never” have ‘hit’ written all over them, with an undeniable likability regardless of whether you are in the club and getting close with your significant other. A standout display of Horizon-IA’s diversity is “Everybody Move”, which fuses grungy rock with edgy Hip Hop. The primary focus behind “Passport Music: Flight To Greatness” is to touch all seven Continents with great music, impactful videos, and epic live concerts. If you are looking for a mixtape that truly covers a diverse range of sounds presented from a Midwest perspective, this is the mixtape for you. For more on Horizon-IA, check him out on Twitter. About Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes are the most widely distributed mixtapes in the world, with over 100 million downloads/plays generated by over 200 volumes officially hosted by major artists. Coast 2 Coast has a solid reach in the new music industry with a digital magazine, DJ coalition, industry tips blog, yearly convention, and more. Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes represents a unique opportunity for artists of all urban genres, from major to indie. For more information, visit
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