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Born in Los Angeles, raised in Inglewood. My 3 younger brothers and I where brought up by my eldest aunt and my Grandmother for most of my adolescence. At 5 my cousin grabbed a pen and a pad and wrote my brother after me and I's first two bars and I feel in love with rhyming. Stopped after my mom got us back but still wrote poetry and little poems for the lil tenders in grade school, wooing and snatch'n hearts. It wasn't until moving to Sacramento in the summer of '04. The anger and frustration from moving so far from my birth place caused me to get into some trouble at and away from school, a friend and a counselor suggest that I expelled all the feelings any 15yr old in my shoes can have out on paper. They both suggest to keep writing and I never stopped. My mom suggest that I should keep writing so I haven't stopped. And now my team SNATCH'N GWAP whp has helped me through the most recent of my lifes obstacles heard me and the pain in my voice and told me to keep writing, we'll always help you, so I'm still writing. Y.T.
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