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Audio Production for Infekted Dead Ent. Apex Predatorz.and Edge of Angels. I started Infekted Dead Beatz in early 2011. My first beat ever was featured on the album Addicted by Hoodu. Also featured on that album was my second beat ever. Beat 1- Born Killa Beat 2- Me (hoo) I have since done too many too count with Hoodu and Split-side Records..Since then I have produced Instrumentals for artists such as.Polk Frost, Project Born, Hoodu, Gozza, Jozi Whalez, OS7, Phor Real, Roach Joka, Detour, KD the Stranger, Luna, BludRust, Beast Mode, Lyrical DeathWish ,Outsiders, Kanzaz Chiefa, and more. I have over 20 singles out for sale and or download I coordinated the making of World Wide Homicide. A single featuring Jason Porter, Kid Crusher, Polk Frost and Hoodu. I released my first official Ep. The New Breed Ep. Featuring Gozza and Infekted Dead Beatz..I am the producer for Edge of Angels with Phillip Huffer(Hoodu). And member of and producer for Apex Predatorz with Rusty Hoppins(BludRust)
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