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"Joshua" Formally known as "Jae M Geezy" Turned away from his ultimate life goal of becoming a Mainstream Rapper. "I was lost, on a dark horrid path, dining with my demons day and night. I had no sense of wrong or right, the wrong felt right, the right felt wrong" he says. Joshua has turned from being a secular artist to a Christian Rapper. He says "My way wasn't working out for me alone, I turned to God when I needed him the most, he answered my prayer and showed me an entirely different path. God changed my life in a matter of a month. He changed my heart and works in me still. If he could save me, God can save anybody. All it takes is a leap of faith and trust in our Lord. Sometimes faith before trust." Joshua is working on his foundation transitioning to Christian Rap. He continues to write songs for his Lord and Savior

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