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Yo. I'm Jake and I am 19 years old. your gonna hear me as "Jamskillet" and some of you will hate. I'm from North Royalton, Ohio near Cleveland. I don't rep any city or false proclamations.. I'm simply about ME. I like to think that my story is interesting.. but who's isn't? During my Junior year in High School, I got fed up with living by routine.. so I dropped out. I started pheening the idea of becoming famous and being more than the average.. It happens to the best of us. a few weeks after I dropped out I decided there's more to life that has to be seen. With out hesitation a day later, I said Goodbye to everyone I ever knew and Drove to South Beach Miami with my buddy and 400 dollars. I had no plan and nowhere to live.. but that would be expected. We get there and the only place we could afford was a roach infested shit hole. To make it worse, our home was 2 blocks away from one of the most dangerous hoods in the US.. 'Little Haiti" I'm not exaggerating.. the show "First 48" was always in the area filming. The house and living conditions sucked. There were 3 rooms with 2 bunk beds in each. I shared a room with a Mexican, Venezuelan, and a Haitian. Fuck That. After about a month my friend decided to move back and leave me. He couldn't handle real life, all he wanted to do was roll his balls off and run from cabs at 4 am. it would be cool if we weren't broke hah. Anyway, I figured this was my dream and I wouldn't let that stop me. So 3 weeks later I sold my Oldsmobile for 600 dollars and took a bus to San Diego, California. That was my ultimate destination. Again, I had nowhere to go and no plan. It didnt matter as long as I was far away as possible. After taking a bus across the states, I arrived in Cali 3 days later. I spent a couple nights outside but I didn't act a Vagina.. I stuck through the hell and eventually I would meet a land lord who would give me the keys to the nicest townhouse on a private street that I had ever seen. I explained to him my story about dropping out and traveling the world.. He said it reminded him of him and I'm meant for something bigger. Those kinds of remarks are what keep me going. Long story short, He gave me the keys to my own place. The NICEST townhouse I could have dreamed of. I was on a private street in the most expensive city in San Diego.. 'La Jolla'. I could literally walk to the pacific ocean in 10 mins. I ended up buying a bicycle to find a job. Believe it or not I did, rather fast. I got a bomb sales job paying 36 dollars an hour. Pretty good for an 18 year old with no diploma. I couldn't believe it. soon after, I bought a moped.. then a car.. then I was flying back and forth to see my friends and family. At one point I was making more money then my mom. lol Stuntin. I would even go to Mexico a few nights out of the week for fish tacos. I was living to the fullest. The only way you could really understand the shit I went through is if you were in my shoes. Everything that I explained is a short summary of the months I was gone. The whole point to that is You can do ANYTHING you want. I had nothing and turned it to everything. Not trying only ensures failure. If your one of those people who want more than the usual.. or think you have any kind of potential at something.. SHINE ON DIAMOND EYES. Do what the fuck you gotta do to make it happen. Whether I go anywhere with my music or not, at least I can say I tried what I love.. and that's all that matters right? - Hate to Hate I'm #JAM.
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