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Jay B.A. is an up and coming Rap Artist from Dayton, Ohio, who realized his gift for music and uncanny ability to create music which people are drawn to, after high school. He has previously released a few recordings whilst traveling, and living in numerous states such as... Texas, Mississippi, and New Mexico. Now residing out of Charlotte, NC, he is fully dedicated to chasing his dream, and is a true candidate for becoming Hip-Hop's very own new young talent. He is currently working on his new project "Wright Brother", given the name, stems from him being born-and-raised in Ohio, and now in North Carolina where he plans for his success to take flight, like the Wright Brothers. His sound is like no other, he relates to the newer generation, while still having that passion, and lyricism of the early to late 90's. He is very confident in his work, which can be sensed from a quote of his very own, "I am not a Rapper, I'm an Artist... I create masterpieces muhfucka". So listen and stay tuned, for he is continuously dropping music for the masses to love!

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