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The young auditory Pablo Picasso by the stage name of Jay$ilver was born in Queens, New York in April of ‘93. Ever since a young boy he was already on the music scene freestyling at the lunch tables or during recess at P.S. 135 on Hillside Avenue as early as 3rd grade on, and even at I.S. 109 in the village by “the ave” or Jamaica Avenue, already heavily influenced by the hip-hop culture of his birth land. He was born in a single parent household only raised by his mother who was struggling to make ends meet in the expensive city of NY so in 2006 he moved to Dallas, Texas where his musical influences grew and changed to a different sound but he always remembered his East Coast roots. During my high school times he had a lifestyle similar to what Kendrick Lamar described in “The Art of Peer Pressure” in which if he wasn’t in class he was usually “with the homies” and this had a shaping on his musical abilities as they would always ride around and freestyle to new beats they found further diversifying my abilities as he would always write as well but never revealed his written verses as he wanted to “save em for payment.” Graduating in 2011 from Trinity High School in Euless, Texas he received an academic scholarship to Baylor University and so continued to pursue a medical career, as this was also one of his interests, helping people with the power of science. However though these years he realized more and more that he wanted to pursue his true dream of helping the world through his amazing lyrical prowess and influencing a generation with his powerful punch lines and stories. So he performed a few times back home in his home city of New York at a Brooklyn nightclub as well as small venues around the Baylor University campus in Waco, Texas. Now he is preparing his first major EP titled “First Class” insinuating this as his first lecture to the world on the art of Hip-hop music bringing it back to the essence of music with a message/story within it but still infusing today’s prominent features of catchiness and “hype-ness” into his songs to catch ears of all generations. Catch this kid on the rise as he is performing at more venues across the nation and is steadily releasing more of his “golden lyrics” but will still forever freestyle for the masses in a city near you. Jay$ilver is truly changing the game with his diverse verses and multiple talents.
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