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JAyBoY heNdriX, or Jason Hardy, is a self taught producer, guitarist, drummer, pianist, and songwriter born and raised in 5th Ward,Texas. He also has a name called "BLuNT FoRcE TRUAMA" that plays Hip-Hop,Rap,Rap Rock, and whatever styles that appeals to them. He's been called the "Rick Ross of Rock". JAyBoY is one of few African Americans that can bridge the gap between clever Hip-Hop bars and Rock N Roll. He also is Well known for his unsual southern Rap style accomapnied by his simultaneous guitar playing! The only boy of 5 girls, JAyBoY's interest in music begin as early his high school days where he could be found rapping and beating on tables with pencils,pens, or anything he could find. People would gather around to here him and, several of his friends as they became very popular for whitty wordplay and, loud beats from the lunch room. The music influences that led to this particular point in JAyBoY's pursuit of composing his first album "Rap,Rock,&Other Drugs",stems from: Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd, Rakim, RUN DMC, Prince, Led Zepplin, Dr. Dre, Jimi Hendrix, Notorious B.I.G., My Chemical Romance,Creed,Nas,Tupac,RATM, and countless others!
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