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From Boston to Atlanta, Jazmine-Renae’ has been singing to audiences for 20 years. This captivating singer began her singing career in her church’s choir at the age of 5. In high school, she was a member of a group called "Divine" where they decided to split and go their separate ways later in 2007. With influences from Beyonce'''', Lauryn Hill, Emily King, Teena Marie and many more, she is now out doing her own solo career performing in shows all over Atlanta. Jazmine-Renae'''' is not just a singer, she is also a talented songwriter. Jazmine-Renae'''' believes that with her talent of singing and songwriting, she can make it big and bring uniqueness to the music industry. Jazmine-Renae'''' stays steadily on her grind as she conquers her music career and her normal life. Her path consists of staying heavily in the studio, recording songs, going to voice lessons to keep her voice trained, and performing in a variety of shows. She has also auditioned for "American Idol;" "America''''s Got Talent;" "The Voice;" and "xFactor." She has also showcased her talents in local shows such as "Sing Like A Star;" and "Sing For Your Life" where she was awarded "Judges'''' Choice" and "Walton''''s Most Talented" where she won 1st Runner Up. She was also featured on TLBN Radio in Alabama where they played her music featuring her single: "No Other Girl" which was also a big hit in 2013 with over 50,000 views on YouTube. Jazmine-Renae'''' has said: "The music industry is very hectic and draining on your body and your mind, but I can handle anything put on me." Jazmine-Renae'''' believes this is the attitude you must take on in order to be successful within this industry.

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