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Jenna Milano When choosing a pursuit to keep up with today, chances are it would exist somewhere between popular culture and technology. Jenna Milano embarks on entertaining and stimulating the world with her magnetic presence and unique voice. Jenna Milano singer, writer and producer releases “SELFIE” and “ELECTRIC” “SELFIE” shows how much Jenna Milano is in trend with her generation. The term Selfie (which was recently inducted into the Oxford Dictionary) is used to define a photo that a someone has taken of themselves. Jenna Milano wrote and produced “SELFIE” with Jared Hancock of SURE FIRE MUSIC GROUP. “SELFIE” was written as a theme to empower people to take pride in their image and except individuality. “ELECTRIC” written by Jenna Milano and Jared Hancock, produced by Grand Larceny gets straight into the emotions one feels when in a deep romantic infatuation. Usually a song with such innovative lyrics is presented as a balled, thank you Jenna Milano for electrifying us with an up tempo POP/EDM track to stream and download also request for our listening in addition to dancing guilty pleasure. Jenna Milano demands your attention with her artistry. Jenna Milano is currently working on her first EP due out early 2016, music inspired by personal experiences conveyed into her lyrics and melodies. Inspiring and relatable is the vibe to best describe the feeling you get while listening to a Jenna Milano track, songs that can tap into your feelings in addition to music that makes you uncontrollably move your body. The best way to stay relevant is to connection with your audience and Jenna Milano does that in staying current and relatable.

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