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Jessica Shores is a singer and songwriter that has, from an early age, has been obsessed with music. Born September 26 1985 in Long Beach California, Jessica spent her formative years with her family in Orange California. Jessica started singing at the age of five. Even in a family of musicians, Jessica was the star from a very early age. Jessica loves to sing but also plays guitar, drums, piano as well as other instruments. She was born with a rare mitochondrial disorder; as a result, she became paralyzed and was told she would not walk again. She proved the doctors wrong. Jessica is not only walking, she is performing her songs live from coast to coast in New York and Los Angeles. When asked who inspires her, she proudly answers David Bowie and Chris Cornell. She credits the movie Labyrinth with crystallizing her desire to be a singer, and she admires both singers’ originality and their willingness to dive into new and different sounds.

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