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My name is Jirard Lowery. I’m from a small town in San Diego called Escondido. Also known as the hidden city. I have be influenced by music ever since I was a young kid. Dancing to all the rap songs my older sister would show me. Artist like snoop dogg, Jay z , lupe fiasco, Lil Wayne , Ludacris and even the Gorillaz. I was madly influenced by music, it created certain worlds for me, it make my heart beat. Going into high school I learned how to rap with my friends and spent days in trying to find the dopest thing to say and how to say it. Years go by after being considered the most interesting rapper in the huge rap cyphers and rap battle at school. Freestyling was not going to cut it. I wanted to take this serious so I started writing. My teachers were impressed and rappers even more. I was not recording songs because of my money situation. I never had the money to go to studios. So I just working on writing , til 2020, I have built many new influences over the year and this was the year I had got enough time and money to get my own set up and record. My songs our currently making a lot of noise and recognition for being unique. I want to take you to a new world or give u a feeling u never felt before. I want to take a different approach to the game. I’m a very cinematic person and want my music video to be like films. I have a very out of world view.

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