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Julio Luis Sanchez Melendez aka JL MadSkillz was born in Puerto Rico and now resides in Jacksonville FL. He describes his style as commercial for radio and as versatile for all ages in this urban hip hop reggaeton generation. His first performance was at the age of 17 with a hip hop Christian church in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The reggaeton evolution has open the door’s and P.O.P RECORDS has given JL MadSkillz the opportunity to sign and make his music a reality. JL has waited for his moment and the opportunity to spread his music to the world and with P.O.P RECORDS it will finally happen. He identifies with artist inside the reggaeton genre whom deserves respect for there lyrics and good job of there music like (TEMPO). By being originally from Puerto Rico and having the ability to understand that reggaeton music comes from his island he knows the audience will Crete him on his lyrics and stage persona. What sets JL from the mainstream is the ability to sing as well as rap inside the music he makes. JL first got turned on to music since he first had reason and knowledge and knew that music lives in him. In days like these JL has realize that reggaeton music has open the doors for so many new people to have the opportunity of making history and to make sure that his music is heard all over the world and his songs are loved by every one. People who influence him are his daughter (very inspirational) to do something for her future and her up bringing. Also I love my music and I love what I do and live what I say. In closing JL describes himself as a patient person, very musical with good talent, humorous and commercial lyrics and sometimes torn between right and wrong aggressive and strong tempered human being. JL has been very blessed early in his career having is first song (GATA DE DISCO) go number (1) 4x's on XM Radio Fuego 90 and stay on the count down ten wks and his second single (DEJATE LLEVAR) reach the number 8 in the Top Ten in the country of Australia and was nominated for best international reggeaton song in Toronto Canada and won also this song (DEJATE LLEVAR) was selected to the December 2007 promo only cd for Caribbean Series along with his third single titled (Latinos Bailando) which feat. Dose the lead singer from the group Fulanito for promo only cd for the month of January 2008 Caribbean Series and February Tropical Series 2008 the song was also selected by the TV show LATINOS IN THE CITY for there theme song for there third season which airs on LATV around the country and selected by ASCAP LATINO to be played on there ASCAP NETWORK STREAMING RADIO STATION and now JL Madskillz track (SOLO PA TI) has also been selected by promo only cd for the month of May 2008 Caribbean Series the music video for (SOLO PA TI) has been playing around the country on Music Choice on Demand and on all cable stations and LATV and promo only has just picked it up for December 2008 LatinSeries. Jl Madskillz indie label P.O.P RECORDS has just been infomed that the song (EL PILOTO DEL FLOW) was submitted to the promo only staff and selected it to in the March 09 Caribbean Series this is Jl's fourth song submitted and selected by the staff his Sixth Single MALAS INTENCIONES Ft DJ LM was just selected by Promo only for the month of November 09 Caribbean series JL has opened up shows for major artist such as Tito Nieves, Charlie Cruz, Xtreme, Jowell Y Randy, Zion Y Lennox, Raul Acosta (Oro Solido) Fulanito, Grand Combo Wibal Y Alex, Julio Voltio, DE LA GHETTO just to name a few.Wait and see the best is yet to come from this very talented singer from Puerto Rico.

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