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What up , it's yah girl Jodi Dareal. I was born in Brooklyn,NY 1989. Lived in Trinidad for about ten years then moved back to the city in 1999. I started writing when I was 10, mostly poetry at first. It wasn't until I was 16, that I started writing music. I believe in the power of the word in a metaphor. I love taking a beat and trying different flows. I believe that no one person has inspired me. I am inspired by everything around me. Whether its something that happened in my own life or something that I heard from someone else. I love listening to people like, Lauren Hill, Nas, Lil wanye, Fabolous, Biggie, Tupac, Kanye West, Drake, B.O.B, Gorillas, Fallout boys and the list goes on. Check out my music on this site. Get ready im coming :) Read more:

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